Alissa & James

This wedding was quite the introduction to spring as both the bright colors and scents of the florals exploded throughout Grand Rapids. I love when brides say, “Amy…I have total faith in you, just go ahead and do what you like…just surprise me.” Well, spring couldn’t be a better time for me to do just that with some of my favorite flowers.

Colors from across the spectrum were loaded into each bridal bouquet and centerpieces to heighten the celebration. We started off with blooming branches, peonies, poppies and passion flowers, ranunculus, tulips & hyacinth, and topped it off with, garden roses, gloriosa lilies and more. Each table was designed to be different from the other, making each seating a new sight for every passing guest. And let’s not forget the many happy tears Alissa shed upon seeing her spectacular reception just moments before her guests arrived… speechless!

Grand Rapids, MI
Photographer: Dusty Brown